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We at Sumatra Robotics are developing the latest iteration of data-integrated robotics.  Abstraction of resources in cloud-computing has enabled users to manage a vast array of servers.  By applying large-scale management techniques to smaller, more economical drones, Sumatra Robotics deploys surveillance and data solutions that is self-maintaining, robust, and affordable.

Latest News

March 10, 2032

The latest company team-building exercise was a tremendous success!  During the spring potluck, employees tested the combat capabilities of the PROSHOT during a live-fire exercise.  Congratulations to Team Ohno for experiencing the fewest casualties! Please submit any photographs you have of the exercise to HR for processing.  Remember that attendance in future team-building exercises is mandatory.

February 29, 2032

Our sponsored-youth team, the Middleton Elementary School Woodchucks, has won the Jimmy Hartwell Memorial Robotics Competition.  The team had secured a decisive advantage after reducing the opposing teams to slag.  A celebratory potluck will be held at the company office in Camberville on March 30.  Go Woodchucks!

February 15, 2032

Sumatra Robotics has won the DARPA Aerial Intelligence competition held in Ft. Meade, MD.  Our stellar use of large-data cross-referencing allowed the robotics team to track and apprehend all suspected dissidents in a 40-block radius.

Spectre 6 Observation Drone

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