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About the Company

Sumatra Robotics was founded in 2017 by a group of engineers in Camberville, MA.  The company's core mission is to unify the different drone protocols and challenges created during the legalization of commercial drone programs in 2015. 

In 2019 the company successfully launched its first prototype of Bali, it integrated planning and recovery software compatible with all major drone manufacturers.   Now Sumatra's software and services provide support for over 50 major drone operators and provide aerial surveillance for over 500 law enforcement agencies around the world.


Founder, CEO

Citizen BXW-3582 is an electrical engineer from the Boston-Washington Megacity.  He has earned his Bachelor's and Masters degrees at the Military Institute of Technology, class of [REDACTED].  His research focused on demilitarizing lasers for law-enforcement use.  He has worked on database clusters, robotic desk lamps, and home audio design.  Sumatra Robotics is BXW-3582's first company.

Sumatra Robotics
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