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Spectre 7

The Spectre 7 series of hexacopters provides unparalleled flight stability, speed and endurance.  Capable of crossing a 100 yard distance in 5 seconds

Bali 13

Bali 13 is the latest in the award-winning software solution that provides drone-to-drone path-finding and planning.   Obstacles, equipment failure, and distractions will be of no consequence to your swarm.


The Gregale platform allows for ultra-fast field repair and maintenance of your drone fleet, without experiencing any down time associated with using human controlled take-off and landing.

Gulf Stream 4

The Gulf Stream 4 platform allows for long-range drone control and surveillance.  Clients can now receive live transmissions at an unprecedented 500KM.  Now your operators no longer have to get up and close with the target.


Our Typhoon mobile processing clusters will enhance your drone swarm's intelligence by orders of magnitude.  On-site processing reduces latency and increases target-acquisition rate, threat avoidance speed, and dynamic resource allocation efficiency.


Your drones will never be lost again!  Zephyr localization sensors and software utilizes cutting-edge RTK positional sensing and coherent laser-range finding;  ensuring that your target will always be dead-on.

Typhoon Server Cluster

Gulf Stream 4

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Spectre 7

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